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Servicii Rewire Design


Rewire.ID is an interior design agency created in 2018 by five Romanian creatives who share the same passion for art and beauty.

Their love for colour and textures and their desire to create harmonious spaces, lead to the creation of complete and pret-a habiter designs. Rewire.ID agency thinks/rethinks any given space in the most efficient, creative and functional way so that it fulfills the needs, vision and lifestyle of the person who is living it.

Rewire.ID works with any type of space, from residential to office/ commercial projects to heritage houses. With respect for the history of spaces and the values which can be found in them, the Rewire.ID team brings to customers a complete package - beautiful, functional and efficient both as time and costs.

From financial expertise to acquisition, re- partitioning, buying furniture or quality decor at the best prices to the expertise of an art specialist who gives the final touch through paintings, sculptures or other art objects, the Rewire.ID team offers everything that means reconnecting a space to life.